HAManuals Series 1, the R.L. Drake Company

is a two CD set that contains:


These CDs are viewable on any computer that supports Adobe Acrobat Reader, available free of charge from Adobe at www.adobe.com. You can view this CD on a MAC, PC, Unix, Linux, OS/2 and other computers.

Purchasing these manuals individually would cost you over $1,000 for the complete set. Now, for less than $80 you can own a reference library of Drake material, including many hard to find manuals and schematics.

HAManuals Series 1 - R.L. Drake Company made it's debut at the Dayton Hamvention to an enthusiastic crowd.

Following is a list of the Drake manuals on the HAManuals Series 1 CDROM. In addition to these manuals, there are numerous modifications, data sheets, a bibliography and the new update to Drakemod 6.

1-A 1525-EM 2-A 2-AC
2-B 2-BQ 2-C 2-CQ
2-NB 2-NT 34-PNB 4-NB
5-NB 7077 9-NB AC-3
AC-4 AL-4 AUX7 C-4
CC-1 CPS-1 CS-7 DC-3
DC-4 DSR-2 FA-7 FF-1
FS-4 L-4 L-4B L7
LN-4 LP-100/1000TV MN-2000 MN-2700
MN-4 MN-4C MN-75 MN-7
MSR-2 NB-7 NB-7A P75
PS-3 PS-7 R-4 R-4A
R-4B R-4C R7 SVC R8/R8E
R8/R8E SVC RCS-4 RR-1 Early RR-1 Late
RR-2 RV-3 RV-4 RV-4C
RV-7 RY-4 SC-2 SC-6
SCC-1 SCC-4 SPR-4 SP75
SSR-1 SW-4 SW-4A T-4
T-4B T-4X T-4XB T-4XC
TC-2 TC-6 TR-3 TR-33C
TR-4 TR-4C TR-4Cw TR5
TR-6 TR-7 TR-7 SVC TR-7A
TR-M TV-100-LP TV-1000-LP TV-3300-LP
UMK-3 UV-3 W-4 WH7

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