Drake Screen Saver

Included on the HAManuals Series I CDs are high quality .jpg images of 24 Drake manual covers. These are meant to be used with a screen saver, although none is included on the CD.

Copying the image files

The images are located on the CDs in /screen/images. You will need to copy them into a directory of your choice on your hard drive.


Obtaining a screen saver

If you don't have a screen saver that allows you to use your own images, the following sites provide links to Windows and Mac screen savers:


I have personally tried the SecondNature screen saver. It is very nice and, easy to add pictures to, but it only runs on Windows 95/98 and Mac.


This is one of the main sites on the web for screen savers, with links to many other sites.


Another screensaver that I use is called Virtual Slideshow Screen Saver, available at


It works very well on all Windows platforms and is easy to configure. The "Lite" version that you download only allows four images to be displayed, though. Just read the instructions during installation before you clear the screen.

HAManuals makes no warranty as to the usefulness or functionality of any software mentioned. As with all things, your results may be quite different.

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