Signal/One MS1030x Speaker

Several years ago, when the Web was young, I put out a wanted message on REC.RADIO.SWAP for any Signal/One equipment, accessories, etc. A gentleman from San Francisco contacted me and asked if I wanted to purchase a Signal/One speaker. He had purchased a MS1030 and speaker and had sold the radio to someone in Japan. I purchased it and when it arrived, it was unlike any other Signal/One speaker that I had seen.

Although it is a standard MS1030 enclosure, it does not have a logo on the front, and it has three knobs!

The hand-typed labels read (left to right) NULL, AUDIO GAIN, AND ON/OFF.

A look at the rear of the speaker shows a number of RCA phono jacks, a landline RJ jack, a computer jack, and a Signal/One label.

I would assume that this is serial number 1. If anyone has a clue as to what the model number means, please contact me.

The inside of the speaker is even more interesting.

The can on the inside of the speaker chassis is a shield for the phono connectors. All the phono connectors connect to the ribbon cable connector inside the metal can.

An interesting, special purpose speaker. I sold it to a member of the mailing list several years ago.

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