Signal/One Trademark

Here are excerpts from an e-mail that Fred K5OG sent to the Signal/One Mailing List explaining what happened to the SignalOne trademark.

"Details are few but basically Don Roehrs was killed in a tragic car crash involving another vehicle May 5, 2013. Apparently the remaining Signal One related items were sold at an auction, some of which is in the hands of Signal One collectors. However, much was lost. 

Knowing that Don had passed away I was concerned as to what might happen to the Signal One Logo we are all so familiar with.  The Trademark Registration expired in July 2016.  After the 90 day wait period I filed for the Trademark.  The official notice was posted February 28, 2017 and no opposition was filed in the 30 day filing window.  Therefore the Signal One Logo is now the Registered Trademark of Fred Hoffmann. 

My only reason for doing this was to protect the logo.  If you are using or plan to use the logo on a non-commercial web site dedicated to Signal Ones you have permission to use it.  If you intend to use the logo for any other reason please contact me so we can discuss it. "

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