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This is the main page to link you to all the data on Signal/One transceivers. Most of the data here was either garnered first-hand from Paul Kollar or taken from his notes. If the source was other than Paul, it is noted.

The photos have been gathered from various sites on the web, including E-bay. I have tried to give credit to those individuals that I know are owners of the photos. If I have missed anyone, please let me know and I'll correct it. The omission was unintentional.

Please enjoy and use the data on this web site. If you find any errors or broken links, please e-mail me. Likewise, if you have anything to add, please contact me and I'll see that it's placed here for all to enjoy and use.

You're invited to join the Signal/One mailing list. Just go to QTH.NET and search the list of available mailing lists for Signalone.



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